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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Journal Begins Here!

At last I made it here to have my first blog after one whole day of creating this site and setting things up.

I was supposed to begin posting since yesterday as I also got started my tutorial session with my tutee. It's just that my connection was unstable most of the time.

This idea of writing and posting, even publishing my journal as a blog, just came out as I was thinking of useful resources for my work. By this mean, I think I would be able to atleast get my daily report updated and organized.
Sharing this in public as well might be of help to others or if not, maybe just something to read on.

Aside from being able to enhance my technical and writing skills. It is something that I may be of treasure someday as I go further for my goal of leaping thru valuable milestones.

Iam happy and excited to write my next posts.

I know that with innermost effort and motivation, I can make my next steps bigger in terms of imparting my insights and passion.

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